Thursday, June 22, 2006

Japan can only go to round two if it beats Brazil, and if Australia and Croatia draw in the shadow game. In such an event, goal difference will determine the second place winner of Group F. Considering they have scored only one goal and have three goals against, Japan will have to smash Brazil.
Although Brazil already has a ticket for round two, this game is a chance for them to show the world they deserve the cup once more. Maybe they even have their eyes set to break Argentina's record of scoring six goals, in one game.
Brazil storms onto Japan, straight from the whistle.
Japan defends nervously. Brazil opens fire with a free kick from thirty meters. The Brazilian player shoots the ball meters over the crossbar. I shake my head, why did Ronaldinho not take it.
Japan counters with a deep ball onto the far right. A Japanese striker passes the ball back to the penalty area. Another striker takes, for Japan, its turn to blast the ball over the crossbar.
Robinho is the first Brazilian to bring Brazilian football to the match. He dribbles the ball deep into the penalty box, beating all the defenders. He fires at the goal. The keeper of Japan barely can stretch his body high enough to tip the bullet over the crossbar.
Japan does not choke, and counters. However the Brazilian defense is quicker then the Japanese offense and know to turn each counter around.
On the other side, Ronaldinho tries to juggle the ball through the Japanese penalty box.
"The ball seems to follow him," says the commentator.
Brazil comes alive, the fans see it and holler on Brazil.
It is all Brazil, but Japan twists our plot. Japan shocks the world when a fast counter catches Brazil of guard. A Japanese striker receives a pass in the penalty box. He turns and finds himself eye to eye with Dida, the keeper of Brazil. Bringing the dream to Japan and stunning the world, he shoots past Dida into the net.


"The Japanese supporters are on their feet," says the commentator.
But Brazil does not temper for a moment, they fire up their attacks on the Japanese goal.
They blow the nerves of Japan to smithereens. The Japanese keeper fumbles the ball nearly into his own goal in the fortieth minute.
Minutes before halftime, Brazil breaks the defense. A Brazilian striker heads the ball into the penalty area. Ronaldo positions himself perfectly to extend the header, into the net.


Shaken, Japan goes to their halftime break. I bet you they fear the second half.
Brazil continues to test the Japanese defenses in the start of the second half.
"Japan playing a very dangerous game, dropping back deep," says the commentator.
I do not think Japan is playing a game, I do not think they have a choice.
Brazil finally breaks the ice and delivers. A Brazilian striker decides to test the target from thirty-five meter.


"An absolute blast," shouts the commentator.
In the fifty-ninth minute Brazil penetrates Japanese grounds. A striker shoots from fifteen meters. The ball rolls low over the grass, into the far corner.


Japan is broken, their dream trampled upon.
Ronald puts the nail in the coffin. He receives the ball twenty meters of the goal. He turns and shoots.


Ronaldo is back, Brazil is back. Japan is thanked for the honors.


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